About Us

We are building a brand for the lovers, the adventurers, the skinny dippers and ocean swimmers. For the young hearts and passionate artists. For the daring and fearless leaders, the opportunists, the ones unafraid to push boundaries and create their own lives - how they want it. We are the apparel expression of love and luxury.

Join our journey, and we will supply the clothing and spirit for yours.



What makes Flowers & Gold unique? 


Flowers & Gold is not just a street wear company, it is a luxury lifestyle brand for the below average AND above average income classes. You can buy a T-shirt with the style or you can buy a blazer in the style and still look like a boss.

If you got style, I believe you still should be able to dress like a boss even if you don’t have the funds. Flowers & Gold makes that possible. 


What makes it Luxury?

It is what it is, the quality and simple sleek style speaks for itself. You could show up to a Hollywood party wearing this and you’d look the part, but you could also wear it on the streets. With normal street wear clothing you can’t really do that, and I wouldn’t suggest walking around in the streets wearing a tux or a really fancy dress. This style is the perfect hybrid between the two.


It's more than just the nice clothes and dope style, its a lifestyle, an energy. When you wear Flowers & Gold you put off a vibe, you're wearing confidence, you know you’re a boss. When you live The Flowers & Gold lifestyle you live like a boss, it shows you grind hard and you play hard. It shows you can make big moves all day and then when night rolls around you are the life of the party. 

The brands that you wear show who you are, wear Flowers & Gold, wear confidence.

- CEO Sean Page