How can I instantly dress up an outfit with minimal effort?

Is there a way that I can instantly dress up any outfit with little to no effort? 

Scenario 1: You're all ready for a night out in the city, outfit hair and makeup shoes everything looks on point. but there's just something missing... 

Scenario 2: You're wearing your everyday comfy outfit of jeans and a white T -shirt, all is well except if only there was a way that you can dress up your outfit to make it a little more unique and set you apart from the crowd... 

Scenario 3: You want to make a fashion statement, something people will compliment and remember, but you don't have enough time to search for a brand new item before your big event and you don't want to spend a lot of money to complete your look... 

The best solution for all three of these scenarios (and more!) is the simple, effortless, inexpensive yet luxurious addition of gold jewelry

and it works perfectly for men and women! 

Not convinced? 

Here is an image of someone wearing a plain white T-shirt (a scenario 2 fellow) 

man wearing plain white t shirt

and here is someone wearing the same exact outfit with the addition of gold jewelry-

white t shirt and gold jewelry

Completely different vibe and look! But all that changed was the addition of the gold jewelry. It works in exactly the same way for women's outfits as well! 

At Flowers & Gold, we are so excited to announce the launch of our new GOLD section to fulfill all of your jewelry needs! Our selection has everything from affordable and inexpensive gold colored jewelry as well as gold plated necklaces, rings, watches, and chains. All of our pieces are high quality and sure to pull together any outfit to create the perfect look. Here are some of our favorites: 

Gold Rose Necklace

Gold Rose Necklace 

Gold Cuban Chain Links

Gold Cuban Chain Links

Gold babygirl necklace

Gold Babygirl necklace

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